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Teach English in Spain

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Experience Spanish Culture While Teaching Abroad in Madrid

Teaching English in Spain is an exciting way to immerse yourself in Spanish culture while making a difference. 

On CIEE’s Teach in Spain programs, you will be placed as a language and culture assistant at a public school in the region of Madrid where you will help students develop their English skills. 

With three-day weekends every week, you’ll have plenty of time to travel, learn Spanish, and get involved in the local community.

All-Inclusive Support Services

CIEE will guide you through every step of teaching English in Spain by providing:

  • Guaranteed placement in the region of Madrid
  • Expert visa guidance and preparation before departure
  • Orientation, airport pickup, accommodations, and networking events upon arrival
  • Safety net of insurance, emergency assistance, and ongoing support from CIEE staff in Madrid

Teach in Spain Programs

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Work as a Language and Culture Assistant in public primary or secondary schools in the region of Madrid.

Expert Guidance Through Your Teach in Spain Journey

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Pre-Departure and Visa Application Assistance

The best adventures always have a little uncertainty, but not too much! That’s why we offer the most comprehensive pre-departure package around, including:

  • An online course with all the info you need to feel prepared before departure
  • Expert visa guidance and all required documents to help you obtain a Spanish visa
  • The opportunity to connect with other teachers before departure
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New Teacher Orientation and Networking

You’ve arrived, you’re thrilled to be in Spain but also a little overwhelmed. CIEE will help you get up to speed -- and comfortable -- as quickly as possible before you start teaching. We provide orientation upon arrival that includes:              

  • Airport pickup on arrival day and hotel accommodation during orientation
  • Workshops on finding housing, transportation, health and safety, legal processes, intercultural learning, and more
  • Opportunities to meet other teachers and build a network of new friends
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Daily Support and Planned Activities

CIEE will still be there to help after you settle into your new home. Along with 24-hour in-country emergency support, we provide:

  • Day-to-day support and advice from CIEE staff in Madrid who are available to help you navigate logistical, professional, or cultural challenges
  • Comprehensive Spanish health insurance and emergency assistance services
  • Cultural activities to help you learn more about your new home in Spain

Teach in Spain Overview

Get a look inside CIEE's Teach in Spain orientation and learn how CIEE will support you through every step of your journey.

Learn Spanish While Teaching in Spain

Hear from CIEE teachers about their experience learning Spanish and exploring the culture while living in Madrid.

Ready to Inspire and Make a Difference by Teaching in Spain?

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Language and Culture Assistant you will be assisting classes or small groups of students to develop their English conversational skills, as well as sharing information about your home country’s culture(s). If you are placed in a bilingual school, you may facilitate English conversational activities in subjects such as science, art, physical education, and history.

Exact responsibilities of Language and Culture Assistants vary from school to school, but you won’t be left alone with an entire class of students, nor will you be responsible for grading, discipline, or the independent supervision of students.

Language and Culture Assistants in the region of Madrid earn a monthly stipend of 1,000 Euros.  There are no local tax deductions from this amount so you will receive the full stipend.  1,000 Euros is enough to cover basic living expenses, including rent in a shared apartment, transportation, and groceries. 

Teachers in Spain often earn extra income by giving private English lessons.  It is very easy to find opportunities to tutor children or adults and private tutors usually earn between 15-25 Euros per hour.  This extra income is handy if you want to travel frequently while teaching in Spain. 

Language Assistants in Madrid teach 16 classroom hours per week.  You’ll work just four days per week and always have three-day weeks so there is plenty of time to travel, learn Spanish, or get involved in local clubs or activities. While you’re physically in the classroom 16 hours a week, you can also expect to spend time at staff meetings, special events, free periods, work gatherings, and professional development sessions.

You don’t need to speak Spanish to teach English in Spain.  You’ll be expected to just speak English with your students to help them learn the language.  That being said, it is helpful to know at least a little Spanish for daily life.  A great way to do that is to live with a Spanish host family and take intensive Spanish classes with CIEE’s Teach in Spain Program + 2 Weeks of Spanish Immersion or Teach in Spain Program + 4 Weeks of Spanish Immersion programs.

Learn More: 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Spanish Immersion Program

Yes! You’ll be able to list this preference on your CIEE application. We do our best to place friends at schools near each other.  But regardless of where you’re placed, you will choose where to live and rent your own apartment, so you have complete control over who you live with.

​Looking for a Shorter Commitment?

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With a duration of three months, CIEE's Teach in Spain Volunteer Program is our shortest and most immersive program in Spain.

Participants volunteer as English Language Assistants at public elementary and secondary schools in Castilla y León.

Room and half-board with a local Spanish family is included. Start dates are in January, March, and October.

This program is ideal for participants looking for a short-term program in a small, welcoming community. No Spanish skills are required.

CIEE Teach in Spain Reviews

  • "It is a wonderful program and there are so many options to choose from! CIEE helps you to get organized and take the leap to move abroad by essentially organizing the program for you and providing visa support."

    Abigail A. | Teach in Spain

  • "It was a very easy process and the experience is priceless!"

    Adam N. | Teach in Spain

  • "I have absolutely loved my experience. CIEE gave me a automatic group of friends, an amazing support system, and the help and resources that would otherwise be very difficult on my own."

    Adonica M. | Teach in Spain

  • "I have found this experience very intellectually, professionally, and personally fulfilling, and I believe that CIEE has made the experience as assessable and stress-free as possible."

    Adriana F. | Teach in Spain

  • "I would have been very lost without the guidance before getting to Spain and the help at orientation without CIEE."

    Alex K. | Teach in Spain

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