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Country Overview

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CIEE Teach in South Korea matches enthusiastic teachers with yearlong positions working with younger students in private and public schools throughout the country, including the prestigious EPIK public school program. It won’t take long for you to experience firsthand the self-reliance that has established South Korea as one of the economic centers of Asia.

Out of a centuries-long tug-of-war between Chinese and Japanese rule and the more recent events that created two Koreas, South Korea has forged a strong spirit of national identity and independence. The country embraces the modern and traditional in equal measure, and is one of the fastest-growing hotbeds of English language acquisition in the world.

With CIEE Teach Abroad, you’ll lead a full-immersion English language curriculum and serve as a linguistic and cultural ambassador. Teachers are placed primarily in or near the metropolitan areas of Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, and Ulsan. Outside of class, you’ll explore the country’s ancient history, culinary delights, and its role on the world stage.

Teach abroad in South Korea with CIEE, and you can:

  • Experience incredible sites – visit Seoul’s amazing Gwangjang Market, part of which transforms into the city’s largest food alley, or Meokja Golmok, at night. Or hop over to Jeju-do, a volcanic island that travelers have said reminds them of Hawaii, the Mediterranean, and paradise – all at the same time.
  • Help satisfy the strong desire South Korean children have to excel academically.
  • Promote an exchange of cultures, and gain a deeper appreciation for Korean students, culture, and the greater community.
  • Use CIEE’s experience and feedback and perfect your application to EPIK or private schools

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Participants are placed in cities and suburban areas throughout South Korea. Teaching assignments are available in the Seoul metropolitan area, but they are often more competitive and are not always available to inexperienced teachers. Many teachers are placed in the following cities:

  • Busan, the country’s second-largest city, draws many international conventions and foreign visitors.
  • Ulsan, on the south-eastern coast, is an industrial powerhouse with the energy of a robust economy.
  • Daegu enjoys a subtropical climate ideal for producing high-quality apples, thus its nickname, "Apple City.” It is also a notable center for Korean fashion.
  • Daejeon, in the center of the country, has 18 universities and is a center of advanced technology.
  • Gwangju is another large, culturally rich city in the south of the country.
  • The greater Seoul area is one of the largest metropolitan disctricts in the world and includes the nearby cities of BucheonIncheon, Suwon City, Gunpo, and Namyangju.
  • Each year, we have other interesting locations not included on this list!

A rewarding job opportunity that includes:

  • Placements in public and private schools throughout the country
  • A salary of 2 million to 2.7 million won/month, plus:
    • Potential for an attendance bonus
    • Pension and severance pay upon successful completion of contract (usually equal to one to two months’ pay)
  • Rent-free housing with basic amenities
  • Airfare Included! Most schools will pay for your one-way ticket to Korea.
  • South Korean-national medical insurance benefits, international travel insurance, and 24-hour worldwide assistance provided with CIEE's iNext

Teaching programs that deliver more, including:

  • Teaching and program guides to help you plan and prepare
  • A two-day orientation in Seoul, including:
    • Cross-cultural training and cultural problem-solving seminars
    • Teaching-specific strategies for working in South Korean schools
    • Sessions led by current teachers in South Korea to give you accurate details
    • Excursions to introduce you to South Korean culture

Advice, support, and assistance from an orientation director who is well-versed in teaching and living in South Korea

Assistance to make your journey easier, including:

  • Pre-departure guidance to help you:
    • Find the right program
    • Apply online for Teach Abroad
    • Complete official visa paperwork
    • Prepare for your experience with valuable professional development
  • Airport transfer and transportation to your host institution
  • One year of iNext international insurance with 24-hour emergency assistance services
  • 24/7 in-country support from CIEE resident staff members

What People are Saying

  • "CIEE helped prepare me to move to Korea and also helped me afterwards with organizing an orientation to make friends and get helpful insight from alumni."

    Helen A. | Teach in South Korea

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our approach is to offer a high level of preparation and support at every step of your journey toward teaching abroad. It’s different than what some of our competitors do, but based on participant feedback, we think it’s really valuable!

Before you go, we’ll guide you through the visa process and share lots of useful logistical tips and advice from former teachers. Our US-based staff is here to respond to questions by phone and email. After arriving, you will receive an in-depth orientation to prepare you for living and teaching in a new country, and to network with other teachers. Our in-country staff and representatives are there to support you during your experience, including 24/7 availability for emergency situations, and US residents will receive international travel and emergency medical insurance.

Your program fee covers the costs of those services and the staff and facilities that make them possible. It’s not enough for us to just match someone up with a job and call it a day – our goal is to give them the support and preparation they need to have a successful and rewarding experience!


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A $50 application fee is due at the time of application submission, to let us devote our effort and attention to serious applicants. Once CIEE accepts your application, a $500 commitment deposit ($1,000 if TEFL is included) is due within 10 calendar days. The remaining balance of the program fee is due after you receive a job placement, which happens roughly 1-3 months after you make the deposit.

Each of our programs has a different total program fee, based on the features included. To see these, please visit one of our programs.


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Yes! You’ll need a bachelor’s degree to go on our Teach Abroad programs, but we welcome applications from graduating seniors. You should ask your academic advisor for a letter confirming your expected date of graduation, and you can upload that to your online application in place of your actual degree. Check with your school to confirm when your diploma will be delivered to you, and email a scan to your coordinator at that time.


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This is an area where our program really shines. We put a lot of effort into helping people get ready and making sure they are well-informed and know what to expect.

CIEE will provide pre-departure guides with cultural tips, advice from former teachers, and information on logistical topics like phones, internet, and banking.

CIEE will give you detailed instructions for the documents and/or visas necessary for the program you select.

CIEE’s Participant Blogs are a great way to get a first-hand perspective on what it’s actually like to work and live abroad on our program!

Finally, before they go, we ask all our participants to review health, travel and safety information from the US Centers for Disease Control and the US Department of State, and sign up for regular updates from the STEP program.

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