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Diversity Resources for Teaching Abroad

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Reflecting on Diverse Identities and Experiences While Teaching Abroad

When preparing to teach abroad, it is important to spend time reflecting on your unique identity and how it may shape your experience.  In addition, it is valuable to learn about the host country where you will be teaching and common cultural attitudes in that location, while recognizing every country includes diverse people and cultures.  

CIEE has compiled the following resources to help teach abroad participants: 

  • Better understand cultural attitudes and conditions in the country where they will be teaching 
  • Learn from the experiences of previous teachers representing a diverse range of backgrounds 
  • Find local groups and organizations that offer support or community 

Please note that CIEE does not necessarily endorse all of the views expressed in these resources, but we are sharing them to help represent a broad range of perspectives.  

These resources are also not comprehensive so we encourage you to reach out to the CIEE Teach Abroad team if you have any questions we can help answer or additional resources to share.   

CIEE is committed to creating an inclusive environment where every individual is welcomed, supported, and empowered to share their unique perspective. 

Learn More About CIEE’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Cultural Attitudes and Conditions for Teach Abroad Destinations

CIEE staff and partners developed the following descriptions of local cultural attitudes and conditions related to body size/image, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and other aspects of identity. These resources were developed primarily for study abroad participants in specific cities, but much of the information is also applicable to teach abroad participants.

Diversity Abroad Videos

Additional Resources on Diversity in Teach Abroad Destinations

We’ve compiled some additional external resources representing diverse perspectives on living and working in CIEE Teach Abroad program locations.

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