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  • Swimming In October?
    By Alexandra K.
    This past weekend, October 11th through 13th, I embarked on my second trip since being in Madrid, Spain. Where did I go? To one of my bucket list countries, Malta...keep reading
  • Tackling Cultural Resistance
    By Hanna N.
    The concept of cultural acceptance is much easier said than committed to in practice. There are vast reasons why one chooses to move halfway around the world to embark on...keep reading
  • The Art of "Loneliness"
    By Berenger G.
    We’ve all done it; sat in our rooms watching Netflix by ourselves, occasionally binging on whatever food we’ve decided to treat ourselves to that night. What I’ve learned most from...keep reading
  • The First Week of School!
    By Alexandra K.
    Hey Everyone, Exactly a week ago, I began my teaching journey in my school located in Valdezarza. On Tuesday, October 1st, I arrived promptly at 9 in the morning to...keep reading
    Well it's been a while
    By Cassandra U.
    So I've been in Jeju for a little bit more than a month. Things have been interesting since I got here. I started at the private school the following morning...keep reading
    By Jay T.
    Making friends, making friends, makinggg frienddsss! The best (or worst) part about moving somewhere new. Elementary school, middle school, high school, college, Spain – it’s all the same and we...keep reading

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