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  • La Aventura Comienza
    By Erika N.
    Following your dreams requires a lot of patience, trust and hard work. Once I received the exciting news that I was accepted into CIEE’s “Teach Abroad” program, the hunt for...keep reading
    And So It Begins
    By Cassandra U.
    Took a couple months but here I am. Long story short, getting my placement was a rollercoaster of emotions, amibitions, and dreams. I'll be posting both on here and on...keep reading
    Anxiety After the Acceptance
    By Alexandra K.
    In early May, I received an exciting email from CIEE regarding my acceptance and location placement. The email read: "You have been placed in the Community of Madrid - Confirm...keep reading
    Post-Graduation Goals
    By Alexandra K.
    ¡Hola A Todos! ¡Bienvenido a mi blog! I will keep this short and sweet ;) Last August, I began my Senior Year at The University of Delaware (UD). By the...keep reading
  • When the Kids are Out of School
    By Ellen M.
    Hand, foot, and mouth disease. Apparently, when the kids start getting this, they close down the school. Our school has been closed from Wednesday, the 10th, until Thursday, the 18th...keep reading

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