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  • Spaniards Love to Talk
    By Berenger G.
    One of the biggest differences between American and Spanish culture, is that Spaniards love to talk. Of course, Americans like to talk too, there’s just a time and a place...keep reading
    Am I Really in Madrid?
    By Alexandra K.
    The month of August was quite stressful for me. Up until August 20th, I had been away from New York on a family vacation in Massachusetts. Having only five days...keep reading
  • The 4 Day Orientation
    By Alexandra K.
    Since I last wrote I am happy to say I FINALLY got my missing bag. It took two days for it to be safely returned to me, but I am...keep reading
  • "I'm not ready"
    By Ashlynn H.
    I guess it didn’t really hit me until the week before that I was leaving the country for a year. The months and months of waiting quickly turn into weeks…then...keep reading
    By Nina S.
    Moving abroad or traveling for an extended period of time without seeing those that are closest to you can be complicated. And if anyone decides to tell you different they...keep reading
  • La Aventura Comienza
    By Erika N.
    Following your dreams requires a lot of patience, trust and hard work. Once I received the exciting news that I was accepted into CIEE’s “Teach Abroad” program, the hunt for...keep reading

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