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Meet Our Staff

Luke Beland

Manager, Teach Abroad programs

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Luke grew up amid the woods and lakes of Maine, and expanded his horizons by studying Arabic at university and teaching English in Jordan for two years. His favorite travel memories are riding bullet trains through western China, backpacking along the southern coast of Turkey, driving under the stars through the mountains of Morocco, and enjoying tea, falafel, and mezze with friends in Israel and Palestine.

Lauren Massey

Senior Coordinator, Teach Abroad Programs

Teach Abroad Program Portfolio: Spain

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Lauren taught English in South Korea for two years and she has since traveled and lived in over 20 countries. Some of her favorite experiences include trekking in the Himalayas, taking a train across Ukraine, participating in the Songkran Festival in Thailand, and going on a South African safari. She is excited to help others get step out of their comfort zones and get exciting teaching jobs overseas. 

Déstina Valladares

Senior Coordinator, Teach Abroad Programs

Teach Abroad Program Portfolio: Thailand, South Korea

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Déstina grew up in California and became passionate about learning more about her cultural background after traveling to El Salvador and visiting the pueblos where her parents grew up. Her travels inspired her to study culture and obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Ethnic Studies. Déstina's experiences and education have provided her with valuable perspectives. She looks forward to supporting Teach Abroad participants in having similar enriching experiences abroad.

Elizabeth DeHaan

Program Assistant, Teach Abroad Programs

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Elizabeth earned a Bachelors in Psychology from Florida International University, then made the move to New York City where she has worked in various fields such as academia, law, and policy advocacy. She enjoys reading, writing, good food, and traveling. And she is always on the lookout for her next great adventure!

Stephen Bush

Director, Teach Abroad and TEFL programs

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Stephen developed a passion for international education during high school and while studying abroad in Egypt. After college he returned to Cairo where he taught social studies at an international school. These experiences studying and teaching abroad profoundly shaped his understanding of the world and he is proud to help facilitate similar life-changing experiences for others.

Rachel Dietz

Sales and Marketing Manager, TEFL

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Rachel is a Minnesota native who is passionate about multiculturalism and international education. As a previous CIEE Teach Abroad participant, Rachel was able to live in Madrid, Spain and loved teaching English to students of all kinds. During her time abroad she really enjoyed things like trying all different types of Spanish cuisine, traveling to various cities within Spain and all over Europe, and increasing her vocabulary in Spanish. Now she is ready to help others find their place and passion through CIEE.

Kelvin Li

Manager, Teach in China

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Kelvin has been a part of the CIEE Teach Abroad team since 2007. He is based in Shanghai, where he was born and raised. Kelvin loves to travel, read (especially detective novels), learn new things, and gain new perspectives!

Belén Rojas

TEFL Academic Coordinator

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Belén was born in Melilla, a small Spanish city in the North of Africa, but has lived in Madrid, Spain since 2009, when she started to work at the Educational Technologies and Teacher Training Institute (Spanish Ministry of Education). In February 2014, she started in her current position on the rewarding and motivating TEFL adventure. She’s completely convinced of the potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in all fields of education, which is why Belén is passionate about eLearning and the platforms which make the development of online education possible and permit its increasing reach. She enjoys designing, testing, experiencing and making the most of these Learning Management Systems (LMS) - and Canvas is one of her favorites.

Matt Redman

Vice President: High School Summer Abroad, Teach Abroad, TEFL | 207-553-4038

Matt’s passion to bridge global cultures began with a trip to China just after high school on a trip led by one of his teachers. The trip provided lifelong friendships with both fellow students and Chinese cultural partners.

Since that experience, Matt has lived, studied, and worked in Spain, Chile, France, and the United States of America. Matt’s three host family experiences and numerous global friendships are an irreplaceable part of his life. Matt is excited to provide experiences that expand students’ horizons and open their minds to new possibilities. Matt dreams about helping future students overcome cultural barriers to create a more understanding, friendly, peaceful, and productive world.