4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Spanish Immersion Program

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Teach In Spain Program + 4 Weeks of Spanish Immersion

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Katie M.

Are you thinking about teaching in Spain, but can’t make up your mind about what program to choose? Well, as a current participant in the Teach in Spain + 4 Weeks of Spanish Immersion Program, I’m biased, but in my opinion, it’s the best program that CIEE has to offer. Here are four reasons why you should choose the 4-Week Immersion Program as your ticket to teach in Spain:

1. You receive 4 weeks of intensive Spanish instruction and immersion.

The Spanish instruction and immersion are worth it no matter your level of Spanish coming in. They force you to speak in Spanish, but in an encouraging learning environment where it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes. You’ll learn colloquial, everyday Spanish that is immediately applicable to real life interactions. And learning extends well beyond the classroom, as you get to experience life with a Spanish family, as well as having opportunities to take part in cultural activities around the Community of Madrid. It’s also a great way to meet people and start to form relationships in your new home!

2. You have 1 week free to travel, move in, and/or do whatever you want to do at the conclusion of the immersion.

The four weeks of immersion and instruction end on a Friday afternoon and then you have the whole next week off before teaching starts the following Monday. That gives you nine consecutive days with no obligations! You could take your first trip to a different part of Spain or another country in Europe. Or perhaps you’d rather take that week to move in and get fully settled in your new place. You might want to take care of the remaining items on your to-do list, such as going to appointments or collecting documents. Whatever it is you want to do, that week provides you with plenty of time to do it.

3. You arrive in Madrid early, with 4½ weeks of guaranteed housing.

Arriving in Madrid in late August, as opposed to September, gives you the advantage of preference and time. You get a head start on the housing search, because the city really does fill up come September. And finding housing during your week-long hotel stay during orientation is not realistic; it’s most likely going to take a few weeks to find legitimate and suitable housing. The more time you give yourself, the better it’s going to work out in the end. You can take the time to see and consider multiple places before making a decision. Also, once you make a decision, it’s very possible that there could be irreconcilable problems with the contract that force you to renege. I saw five different places, backed out of one due to contract issues, and finally settled on the fifth place during the last week of my homestay, almost five weeks after arriving in Madrid.

4. You form a lasting bond with your host family over 4 weeks of living together.

After four weeks of living with your host family, you’ll truly feel like part of the family. Moving to a foregin country where you don’t know anyone is scary, but the immersion with a Spanish family immediately gives you a home away from home, which eases the transition immensely. They’ll treat you exactly like family. My host family went above and beyond for me, reading over contracts, helping with important phone calls, and even lending me Harry Potter in Spanish. Also, CIEE typically matches you with at least one other program participant to be your roommate during the homestay. It’s such an extraordinary experience that you will share that I can almost guarantee that you form a quick bond with them, too.

You can’t go wrong with any of the CIEE program options, but in my opinion, these four perks make the Teach in Spain + 4 Weeks of Spanish Immersion Program too appealing to pass up. I hope you’ll not only look into teaching in Spain, but also consider doing four weeks of immersion, as well!