5 of the Coolest Cocktail Bars in Madrid

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Katie M.

Walk into any bar or restaurant in Madrid and you’ll have all the typical drinks available to you- beer, wine, basic cocktails, etc. However, Madrid is also home to many cocktail bars with unique, and might I even say outlandish, concoctions. Bookmark this post and come back to it for a special occasion, for when you have visitors in town, or when you just want to switch things up a little bit. (Disclaimer: all of the following bars are more expensive than your typical bar or restaurant. But we’re talking Madrid expensive, so I mean in the €10-15 range.)

Bad Company 1920

First up is Bad Company 1920, a speakeasy (so maybe I shouldn’t be telling you about it!) physically located in Malasaña but thematically located in Chicago at the height of Prohibition. To get in, you have to give a password, which can be found on the bar’s Instagram page, @badcompany_1920. Once inside, you’ll find a creative menu featuring cocktails made exclusively with ingredients that existed in the Prohibition era. I ordered the CO2 Extinguisher, which is served in a fire hydrant! It’s a really cool experience overall.

Ficus Bar

Ficus Bar is an African-inspired (specifically Mali, Ghana and the Ivory Coast) cocktail bar. It’s located in the Chueca neighborhood of Madrid, but its botanical interior design gives you the sensation that you have temporarily left the city. It serves classic drinks, imaginative cocktails and small plates of food, all made with simple but high-quality ingredients. I have to shout out their salted caramel espresso martini; I’ve had my fair share of espresso martinis and this was the best one I’ve ever had.

Sép7ima Restaurant

Next up is Sép7ima Restaurant, winner of the rooftop category. Sép7ima is housed on the rooftop of the Only You Hotel in Atocha, right across the street from the Puerta de Atocha station. This aesthetic rooftop has terrific views out over the train station and the rest of the city. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon or evening in good weather or to catch the sunset. Despite being on the pricier side for Madrid, it’s well worth it for the atmosphere, views and quality cocktails.

Salmon Guru

Did you know that Madrid is home to the fifteenth-ranked bar in the world? Well, now you do. Salmon Guru, owned by renowned international bartender Diego Cabrera, reopened in May after undergoing extensive renovations. It is now hands-down the funkiest bar I’ve ever been in, in terms of both décor (dark and retro) and drinks (bold and inventive). If you’re feeling adventurous and in need of trying something new, Salmon Guru, in the Cortes neighborhood, is exactly the place!

Taranttela Gin & Cocktail Room

Situated in the peaceful neighborhood of Pacífico, Taranttela Gin & Cocktail Room reflects the quieter vibe of the neighborhood. A small, cozy space with comfy chairs, it is the perfect place to meet up with friends and catch up over a drink or two. Its extensive cocktail menu is split roughly 50/50 between cocktails made with gin and cocktails made with other liquors. It'll take longer than usual for your drinks to be served, but that’s only because the bartenders put so much into the mixing and presentation of each drink.

Give any or all of these places a try for any special occasion, for when you have visitors in town that you want to show a good time, or if you’re just in the mood to change things up a bit from the typical bar/restaurant tinto de verano. You’ll have a great drink and an even better experience!