Making Fruit Tea with the YECCO Club

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Tristyn D.

Tristyn D.

CIEE gives students so many opportunities and extracurricular activities to participate in. There are so many fun things to sign up for and to participate in. However, CIEE has also partnered up with a club called YECCO, which stands for "Youth Exchanging Culture Communicator Organization." We have been able to do so many fun activities with YECCO so far like going to palaces, cat cafes, exploring nighttime views of Seoul, and so much more! 

This past Sunday we were able to make Fruit Tea. I believe it was mainly Lemonade, but was labeled as Fruit Tea at the organization. We were able to obtain the recipe and they even gave us a nice jar and box to put our final product in to take home. They taught us how to cut the lemons nicely and how to place the lemons inside the jar to make the presentation more beautiful. They even gave us snacks halfway through and stickers to decorate our jars with! The staff was incredibly kind. It was even the workers birthday, but she took her time out of her day to help us make this lemonade. The YECCO students translated all of her instructions into English and we worked together 2 and 2 in order to make our tea. 

Overall, YECCO is such a great organization that allows for CIEE students to experience much more culture and opportunities than I thought possible. Today was a fun and memorable experience that I will never forget! If possible, I recommend trying to participate in YECCO activities as well as CIEE activities if given the chance.

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