Intern or Train in America


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Interning or training at a top U.S. company is one of the smartest career moves you can make. Not only will you gain real-world skills that will serve you throughout your career, but you will also get valuable firsthand insight into American culture and business practices as well as the opportunity to polish your English skills. Along the way, you will share ideas with colleagues, make important new business connections, and build lifelong friendships.

  • Internships

    Are you a college student or recent graduate with a pre-arranged internship opportunity in the U.S.? Get the J-1 intern visa you need to make it happen!

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  • Professional Career Training

    Are you a professional with a pre-arranged training opportunity in the U.S.? Get the J-1 trainee visa you need to make it happen!

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  • Placement Plus

    Do you want to intern in the U.S. but do not have a pre-arranged opportunity? Do not worry! We will place you with a top U.S. company.

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  • 1-Year Graduate USA Visa Program

    Are you an Irish passport holder and a recent graduate of an Irish college? Intern in the USA for 1 year without having a pre-arranged internship before you travel!

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