Local Coordinators

Work with young people from all over the world, help people make new connections, and add value to your community – be a CIEE Local Coordinator!

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As the primary link between exchange students, host families, schools, and CIEE, Local Coordinators (LC) have the power to help people share traditions and perspectives, changing lives and building a better world.

LCs are one of the most important parts of CIEE High School USA. An LC wears many hats: matchmaker between students and host families, mentor, ambassador, facilitator, troubleshooter, and friend. The LC is the first person that host families and students meet, and a trusted and supportive companion. When help is needed students and host families can rely on their LC.

Why CIEE Local Coordinators Love Their Jobs!

What People are Saying

  • "The fortune in my fortune cookie last night read ‘A different world cannot be built by indifferent people.’ My first thought was how proud I am to work for CIEE."

    Melissa W., Regional Director, Texas
  • "By just opening up one point of view at a time, we began to make the whole community more cohesive."

    Cathy C., Local Coordinator, Indiana
  • At a glance, we were captivated by the huge smiles of the photos our Local Coordinator showed us and eagerly called to say "YES…we want to be a host family!"

    Cindy J., host parent, Kentucky