Training & Support

CIEE is known for the level of support it provides to students, families, schools – and also to our associates. Local Coordinators are vital to our mission, so we work to thoroughly prepare them for their role.

Host family

LCs need a variety of skills

We provide instruction in networking to help LCs reach out, recruit host families, and build relationships with schools and the community. They are also trained in how to handle many of the issues that may arise throughout the year, from cultural adjustment to conflict resolution.

CIEE encourages every LC to engage in professional development

We offer grants that help pay for individual training. In addition, the CIEE annual national and international Local Coordinator team meetings offer presentations, workshops, and seminars that help attendees grow personally while they gain valuable professional skills.

As an LC, we back you up in every way, with a team of professionals charged with making your efforts successful. Make full use of this great team! Reach out when you have a question or need help. Together, we will make every CIEE High School USA experience a great one.

Regional Placement Managers

Our nationwide network of Regional Placement Managers has been working with students, host families and Local Coordinators for many years. It’s your prime resource, collaborating with you at every step of placing and supervising students.

Support Staff

If a student has difficulty adjusting, or if there’s a conflict or discipline issue, these trained professionals are the ones to turn to. They’re committed to the success and wellbeing of every CIEE student.

Marketing and Events Team

CIEE has a dedicated team to support your engagement efforts, with brochures, handouts, print ads, public service announcements, and networking tools. These resources are a great way to promote the High School USA program and raise awareness.

Operations and Compliance Teams

Our number one priority at CIEE is always safety. We have an experienced, knowledgeable team available to help guide you through the process. They make it clear, accessible, and manageable for everyone.

Online Resources for You

Here is some of the information you can access anytime as an Local Coordinator:

  • Information on incentives
  • Recruitment and support resources, including promotional materials
  • Tips, how-to's, and best practices
  • Help with marketing via web, print, TV, and radio
  • Referrals to help connect students with host families
  • Training materials
  • Program and regulatory rules and standards
  • Manuals, forms, and documents