What do Local Coordinators do?

Local Coordinators (LCs) are essential to delivering the high-quality, well-supported experiences CIEE is known for. Our LCs are independent contractors. Many are very active, working with several students each year. Others place and supervise one student at a time.


If you agree with the following statements, you’ve come to the right place:

  • I firmly believe in the value of cultural exchange.
  • I have a passion for making a meaningful difference in people’s lives.
  • I like to create opportunities for young people.
  • I want to invest in my community.
  • I enjoy building new and fulfilling relationships.
  • I love to travel and explore new places.

It doesn’t take experience to be a Local Coordinator. What you need is a desire to enrich the lives of those near you, and those far away waiting to discover America.

In every case, LCs perform a range of important jobs:

Recruiting, Screening, and Supporting Host Families

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One of the most important things Local Coordinators (LCs) do is match students with host families. LCs interview prospective host families, learning about their interests and lifestyles, then guide them through the placement process. The LC remains in contact throughout the school year for support and questions.

Guiding students during their stay

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Living in a new place with a different culture and language can be unnerving for young participants. Local Coordinators are a source of comfort, building bonds with students while they prepare for their journey, then greeting them on arrival, and acting as a helpful guide. As a go-to resource, they might be called on to help with cultural adjustment at home or school, offer advice on finding volunteer activities – anything having to do with the program and the student’s daily life.

Partnering with local schools

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Local Coordinators play an important role in promoting the benefits of enrolling international students in local schools, showing school leaders how cultural exchange can enrich the classroom. The LC also facilitates student placement by handling paperwork, and is the primary contact for the school. During the student’s academic year, the LC monitors academic progress by checking on grades and can assist with social-adjustment issues. The goal: Making certain the educational experience that CIEE participants and schools share is highly rewarding for all.

Acting as a cultural exchange ambassador

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Cultural exchange is truly a shared activity. The more invested and engaged the community, the more rewarding the experience is for everyone. LCs raise awareness, promoting the benefits of cultural exchange to community leaders and media. The LC also prompts exchange by encouraging students to volunteer.

What People are Saying

  • A lot of people try to fit themselves into a certain mold. But being a Local Coordinator breaks all the molds.

    Cathy C., Local Coordinator, Indiana