Meet Local Coordinators

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The passion that Local Coordinators bring to CIEE High School USA is nothing short of astonishing. Their dedication to enriching schools, communities, and the lives of students brings CIEE’s vision of international cultural exchange to life.

We're proud and honored to work with such a creative and devoted team. In recognition of all they do, we salute these outstanding LCs and their accomplishments.

Becky B. – Richmond, Virginia

Becky earned our top honor in 2013 for placing more students than any other LC. She got her first exposure to international exchange two decades ago, when her family hosted a Spanish student. It was such a good experience that in 2002 she decided to become an LC herself. She loves to laugh and meet new people, abroad and at home. “I feel I have touched many peoples’ lives and they have touched me, giving me many fond memories. Every year, I have a child who grabs my heart.”

Cathy C. – Bloomington, Indiana

“I am so grateful for taking this journey,” says 12-year veteran Cathy, who now manages the CIEE Local Coordinators in her region. She enjoys making connections, and cultivates relationships with community members, schools, and groups. “I look for groups that have a shared passion with the students. The students themselves are also great, because when they get out in the community by volunteering and meeting people, they show how important educational exchange is.”

Wanda G. – Florissant, Missouri

An active LC for 15 years, Wanda earned travel bonuses that allowed her to take nine of her grandchildren and five of their parents to CIEE international meetings. Like many of our LCs, Wanda started as a host parent herself, and she’s been a regular participant ever since. She recently hosted her 22nd and 23rd students. “What keeps me motivated is seeing the faces of all the students and thinking how important it is to them to be able to come on the program,” she says. “I have some great memories. I’ve traveled to many new places and met wonderful people. This year, I was in Germany to attend the wedding of my first German daughter, and was introduced and treated as a parent at the ceremony. Fantastic!”

Susan J.S. – Lake Stevens, Washington

Susan has been an LC for three years. It was an experience that began out of tragedy, when her husband died. She became a host parent, and says that her student quickly became like family. She says that it’s important to see the mission, and not just the job. “Do it for the passion of the program, not the benefits – the trips are just a bonus! It’s about helping the youth of our world, to foster love at the global level. Without host families, these kids would not have opportunities to start one of the greatest adventures of their lives. I am proud to be part of that.”