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High School USA

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High School USA offers international students a life-changing opportunity to attend high school in the U.S. and live like an American teen. Play a sport, practice English, and live in the American heartland with a welcoming host family, all while gaining skills that will last you a lifetime.

Program Essentials

At CIEE, we deliver outstanding exchange experiences to international students. We do that by providing a high-quality program so you can have the cultural experience you want. The best part? No matter what, you will enjoy the following key features:

High School USA

An International Representative From Your Home Country

Let a CIEE international representative from your region or country guide you through the High School USA application process — everything from filling out the forms to providing an in-country orientation.

A Local Coordinator (LC) In Your Host Community

Your LC, who is highly trained in conflict resolution and intercultural communication, will be there to welcome you to the U.S. and to provide supervision and support throughout your experience.

Visa Application Support

As experts in the field of international education, CIEE provides all the documents and guidance you need to get through the complicated J-1 visa application process. With us, applying for your visa is easy!

High School USA

Program Orientation

Every High School USA student has the opportunity to join us in New York City for our kick-off orientation. If you can’t join us in NYC, don’t worry! You can also attend an orientation in your host community upon arrival in the U.S.

Insurance For The Duration Of Your Program

Our in-house travel health insurance provides extensive coverage against typical risks to international travelers such as accidents, sudden illnesses, and more.

A Safe And Welcoming Place To Live

We strive to match students with host families based on personality traits, hobbies, curricular or extracurricular interests, family make-up, and more. That way you feel less like a guest and more like a member of the family.*

24/7 Multilingual Phone Support

CIEE’s highly-trained and multilingual support staff is available 24/7 by phone in case of emergencies.

*Students attending boarding schools will live in a supervised dormitory.

The Results Are Clear


of alumni say their CIEE experience improved their English skills.


of alumni say their CIEE experience deepened their understanding of their host culture.


of alumni say their CIEE experience helped them make progress toward career goals.

Am I Eligible for High School USA?

    We are glad you asked! To be eligible for our program, you must

  • Be between 15 to 18 years old, and enrolled in high school in your home country
  • Have basic practical skills in both spoken and written English
  • Have completed at least three years of English instruction
  • Have not failed a year of school or an English language course in the past three years

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