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This section is aimed at providing you with useful tools and resources that can help advise your students on studying abroad with CIEE. Here you’ll find dates, fees, cost breakdowns, program evaluations, program site visit information, instructions on how to order catalogs, and more. 

Looking for Scholarships

Students studying at one or more of CIEE's open campus locations are eligible to receive from $4,000 to $8,000 of Open Campus or Global Scholars Grants. Find out more about these exciting grant opportunities.  

  • Academics

    Dates, fees, media information and more for faculty and educators.

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    Become a consortium member to develop innovative study programs, have access to exclusive student financial aid, and participate in faculty and staff development programs.

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    Join CIEE in upcoming webinars such as Open Campus, Short-term programming and Health, Safety and Security.

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  • Global Institutes

    With CIEE’s Open Campus program, students who want to study in more than one location are limited only by their imagination.

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  • Faculty-Led & Custom Programs

    Internationalize your campus and increase students’ cultural understanding with a CIEE Faculty-Led & Custom study abroad program that meets your institution’s precise academic needs and goals.

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  • Scholarships & Grants


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  • Program Evaluations

    Read ACB site evaluation reports and student program evaluations.

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  • Site Visits

    Study Center site visits provide knowledge of facilities, faculty, resident staff, and students, and the local environment in which the programs operate.

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  • Conferences

    CIEE Annual Conference and Global Internship Conferences are designed for educators, students, advisors and administration in international education.

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Brooklyn, New York

CIEE Annual Conference

Join us in Brooklyn from November 6-8, 2019 for engaging and forward-thinking discussions.

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See the latest news on CIEE's corporate blog as well as our CIEE Study Abroad blog. 


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Peace of mind when studying abroad

Health, Safety & Security

Our expert staff is with you, or your students, every step of the way – from the time you apply to your return trip home – to ensure you stay safe and get the most out of your experience.

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