Group Site Visits

As a valued partner in international education, we invite you to gain first-hand knowledge about our on-site facilities, to meet with resident staff, faculty, and students, and learn of the culture and local environment in which our programs operate.

Participants will have a better understanding of the:

  • Academic programs offered, including program structure and content, host institution and CIEE Study Center facilities and faculty.
  • Physical location and attributes of the CIEE Study Center, host institution, and student housing.
  • Health, safety, and security procedures.
  • Student housing and meal options.
  • Overall experiences of students currently participating in the site program(s) including academics, program excursions, co-curricular activities, and daily life.
  • Roles and responsibilities of onsite CIEE resident staff and faculty.


Past participants have included study abroad advisors and directors, faculty with an active interest in promoting international education, and college/university administrative staff who have a direct role in promoting study abroad within their institution. To assist in aligning the goals of the visit with selected participants, CIEE will provide historical data about student participant academic majors.


While each Group Site Visit is tailored to its unique program offerings and location, a typical itinerary includes visits to the host institution at which the program is based, class observation, visits to homestays and/or dormitories, participation in student co-curricular activities, and meetings with CIEE faculty, resident staff, and students to provide participants with an in-depth view of each program.