Group Site Visits

As a valued partner in international education, we invite you to gain first-hand knowledge about our on-site facilities, to meet with resident staff, faculty, and students, and learn of the culture and local environment in which our programs operate.

Participants will have a better understanding of the:

  • Academic programs offered, including program structure and content, host institution and CIEE Study Center facilities and faculty.
  • Physical location and attributes of the CIEE Study Center, host institution, and student housing.
  • Health, safety, and security procedures.
  • Student housing and meal options.
  • Overall experiences of students currently participating in the site program(s) including academics, program excursions, co-curricular activities, and daily life.
  • Roles and responsibilities of onsite CIEE resident staff and faculty.


Past participants have included study abroad advisors and directors, faculty with an active interest in promoting international education, and college/university administrative staff who have a direct role in promoting study abroad within their institution. To assist in aligning the goals of the visit with selected participants, CIEE will provide historical data about student participant academic majors.


While each Group Site Visit is tailored to its unique program offerings and location, a typical itinerary includes visits to the host institution at which the program is based, class observation, visits to homestays and/or dormitories, participation in student co-curricular activities, and meetings with CIEE faculty, resident staff, and students to provide participants with an in-depth view of each program.

2018 CIEE Group Site Visit Locations

In November 2018, we will be hosting the 2018 CIEE Annual Conference in Barcelona, Spain. The noted CIEE locations will be hosting Open Houses and Group Site Visits at that time.


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Location Visit Type Dates Registration Deadline
Cape Town and Botswana Group Site Visit February 25 - March 3 Registration Closed
Seville and Rabat Group Site Visit February 11 – February 17 Registration Closed
London and Rome Group Site Visit March 11 – March 16 Registration Closed
Khon Kaen and Shanghai Group Site Visit April 15 – April 21 Registration Closed
Budapest and Amsterdam Group Site Visit April 29 – May 4 Registration Closed
Prague Group Site Visit October 15-16 7/15/2018
Barcelona Open House November 6 and November 12 8/31/2018
Madrid Group Site Visit November 3 - November 6 7/15/2018
Seville Group Site Visit November 3 - November 6 7/15/2018
Alicante Open House November 6 8/31/2018
Rome Group Site Visit November 10 - November 13 7/15/2018
Paris Group Site Visit November 10 - November 13 7/15/2018
Palma de Mallorca Group Site Visit November 10 - November 13 7/15/2018
Lisbon Group Site Visit November 3 - November 6 7/15/2018
London Group Site Visit November 10 - November 13 7/15/2018
Copenhagen Open House November 11 8/31/2018
Berlin Group Site Visit November 3 - November 6 7/15/2018
Ferrara Group Site Visit November 10 - November 13 7/15/2018
Rabat Group Site Visit November 10 - November 13 7/15/2018

Registration Deadlines and Visa Processing

Due to the increased popularity of CIEE’s Group Site Visits and CIEE’s need to ensure that participants are getting the visit that is best suited to their needs, persons wishing to attend a CIEE Group Site Visit are asked to submit an application. CIEE will review applications and accept participants based on set criteria. The group site visit leader will notify participants of their acceptance early enough for them to obtain visas (if necessary), book flights, and make any other necessary arrangements. In some cases, if a site visit has been filled, applicants will be offered the option of attending the site visit at full cost.

Academic Consortium Members:

  • Free registration for first participant + up to $1000 of airfare covered by CIEE*
  • $400 registration for second participant (airfare not included)
  • Registration fee includes a single room at a local hotel, all meals during the site visit, and all intra-country transportation

*Please note that the GSV benefit for AC members is only valid once every three years

Non-Academic Consortium Members:

  • $600 Registration per participant
  • Registration fee includes a single room at a local hotel, all meals during the site visit, and all intra-country
  • Airfare not included

Contact CIEE

For more information on Open Houses or Group Site Visits, or to RSVP, please email For more information on our Academic Consortium, email

If you are interested in attending an Open House, please respond to by August 31, 2018 with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Institution
  • Title
  • Location of Open House
  • Date of Open House
  • Your objective for the visit

We will be finalizing our plans in early September and informing guests by September 15. Please note that space may be limited.