Volunteering in a local High School

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Elena Rodríguez

Adam from Cornell University is volunteering every week in a local high school, helping local students with their English speaking. This is what he said: "Volunteering at Escola Pia has been an eye opening experience in the best of ways. Over the past two months as of writing, I have had the pleasure of interacting with local high school students in their first year of the baccalaureate. These students are in an intensive visual arts programme centered around photography, videography, filmmaking, painting, drawing, design, and much more. The students surprised me with their enthusiasm and drive, intellectual curiosity, and overall social and cultural intelligence. I am confident that they will be the premier visual artists in whichever field they decide to specialize. 

   Not only has this served to practice their English, but also has taught me a great deal about the local gastronomy, cultural landmarks, and entertainment. The students taught me countless things about music, local tapas restaurants, as well as night events and concerts, to name a few. More than anything, I have enjoyed the company of these students, regardless of the subject we decided to speak about. I cannot stress how much I would recommend taking advantage of this opportunity to anyone studying abroad in Barcelona through CIEE."