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Sydni B.

Learning how to eat your way through a new place can be challenging. I, myself, am a picky foodie. I love to try new foods and eat but I also can be specific about what I like. Moving to Barcelona on January 2nd, 2022, I knew I had 3 months ahead of me in a new place. Finding places to try and make regulars was very important to me.

My first piece of advice would be to ask people who traveled to places before you for their recommendations. Of course, part of the experience is to also stop into random places you pass by that catch your eye, but there are so many restaurants and places that it can be challenging to know where to even start.

After spending 98 days in Barcelona, I found several places I loved. I ate my way through Barcelona and am happy I can now share those recommendations.


Sensi Bistro – Located in the heart of the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, tasty tapas, Mediterranean flavors with high energy, and the fresh truffle ravioli is yummy!

Sensi Tapas – Modern tapas restaurant with vibrant buzz, great vegan “roasted chicken” croquettes

Cal Pep – ‘tapas’-style restaurant, with varied dishes with great flavor

Boqueria Market – The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria has fresh food, lots of different cuisines to choose from, and is a great place to try several different dishes

Rojo Negro – Mixture of wood-fired pizza, ceviches, and sushi in a warm and cozy atmosphere

Luigis – Chain of Italian restaurants in Barcelona, very yummy, and affordable dishes

Isabellas – Great Italian restaurant, with delicious truffle pasta, great wine

Robata – Sushi is very fresh and good, a nice restaurant that combines Japanese food with a western touch in a cozy environment

Bo De B – Small café with inexpensive sandwiches or salads, cash only, very delicious, a great lunch spot

Thai Barcelona Royal Cuisine – Classic Thai food served in an elegant atmosphere

Zenith – Great spot for brunch classics such as Eggs Benedict, French toast, smoothies, and pancakes with great displays

Oassis Natural Cooking – Natural foods ranging from pizzas to burgers, to salads, in a well-decorated large space – delicious make-your-own salads!

Harry’s Italian – Old fashioned Italian restaurant with great pasta, fish, meat, and wine. Unbelievable truffle pasta

Salvaje – Japanese food, very fun vibes, waiters dance and have high energy

Gatsby – Spanish cuisine at a roaring twenties lounge with dancing, shows, and great food, an expensive but good experience

Boa-Bao – Asian dishes, great staples, perfect for large parties

Brunch and Cake – Coffee shop and Brunch Spot in Barcelona in which everything is made by hand, from scratch, great environment

Surf House Barcelona – Cool spot for food with a terrace overlooking Barceloneta Beach with burgers, salads, and breakfast foods


These are places I recommend but there are so many others to explore. Keep an open mind and try new foods! Barcelona has so much to offer in terms of activities, cuisines, and experiences.