Visitors! - Written by Annie Mazzola

Authored by:
Melinda Pap

Honestly, after seeing a week straight of grey Budapest skies, frequent sunny Italy pictures (or frankly pictures in any location where a parka is not needed), and large groups of IU friends traveling together, I was feeling some slight FOMO. That all changed when I had my very first Budapest visitors. Having visitors is the perfect excuse to do all of the touristy and extra things you want. We hit all the major spots, popular bars, coolest restaurants, and not to mention had full on photoshoots. This weekend honestly reminded me of how much of an amazing and unique city Budapest really is when sometimes it is easy to forget in the midst of rainy days and boring classes. It is easy to get caught up in what other friends or people you know may be doing abroad, but I am trying to stay centered and enjoy every moment of my personal journey. Cloudy days and all.

February 19, 2019

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