Things to do in Berlin- Week 3

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Brenda G.

Hello! Now that week 3 in Berlin is officially over; I can share some of the fun things I have explored in the city with some fellow CIEE students! I will focus on a few landmarks, restaurants, and things to do!

Berlin Cathedral
During my first week abroad, I made sure to stop by the Berlin Cathedral with a fellow Bruin Eduardo! We both decided to check out the landmark and was amazed at the interior of the cathedral. Upon entering, we fell in love with the design and the history behind it. We spent the day walking around the cathedral and going up to enjoy the incredible view of the city. 

GlogauAir (Art Gallery)
This one of the main locations my internship takes place in when we do not have our weekly meetings, we are interning at the art exhibitions taking place. The gallery space is not open to the public on a daily basis. However, some events are free to attend, and you get to enjoy an evening out with some cool music, art, and drinks. We invite CIEE students to the events every week and always receive positive feedback. 

Klunkerkranich (Rooftop Bar)
This is a rooftop bar located at the top of the mall. It has an entrance for no cost and one for around 4 euros. It is worth it to pay and check out the inside. My friends and I were there when the sun was about to set, and we all were amazed at the beauty that can be seen and experienced from up there. It is one of my favorite things to do now when we have no plans and want to get a nice view of the city!

Häppies (Resturant) 
Caden and I decided to go on an after-work adventure for dinner! We came across Häppies, which their food is a mixture of European Fusion, similar to a dumpling but including a blend of flavors! Caden and I enjoyed the savory flavors and thought the overall concept was interesting and cool. However, we thought they were a little pricey. However, we would recommend for a snack rather than going there for an actual meal. 

Hasir (Resturant) 
The best Döner I have tried in Berlin so far! This place was recommended by my internship boss G. He walked Caden and I to check out the tastiest Döner near one of the artist studios. The blend of garlic, salad, and meat made the extra flavor savory and one of our favorite places. Since then, Caden and I visit Hasir every two weeks. 

As my time in Berlin continues, I can’t wait to explore and discover new places that create an attachment to the city before the internship is over! Berlin is full of art, food, music, and landmarks that are worth checking out and make the city come to life. 

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