Thank You CIEE Seoul: Exchange Recap & Thoughts

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Hunter L.

My experience exceeded my study abroad dreams. I made new friendships and networks that I thought would never be made before coming. Moreover, my engagement with CIEE, Yonsei, and other communities in Seoul changed my identity. With more free time, I was able to sociallize and explore Seoul. I took that time to enjoy daily leisures, mostly visiting tourism landmarks and restaurants. The lifestyle is more fun than life back at my home school, being on a sports team and working a part time job.

Studying abroad made me realized my life back home is super busy. But, I see it in a good way. At Yonsei, there were less opportunities and extracurriculars to fill in my excessive study time; therefore, I was not personally progressing. I missed competing in golf tournaments and working at my home school. At least, I am able to return to continue my career journey.

On returning to South Korea for professional work, personally, I would not live in Seoul and maybe anywhere in South Korea. Before coming, I had a dream to move here, but land in South Korea is not great, many mountains and hills that prevent easy construction work, leading to expensive properties. Also, I think South Korea salaries are meager when compared with California, so moving back would be difficult. Because I am a foreigner, I would struggle to comfortably live and navigate the South Korea life like a native. For now, my plan is to reside in the U.S.

Even though this is my last blog post, you can watch at my study abroad vlogs here: GoHengJian || Youtube

Thank you CIEE for this study abroad opportunity and experience. It was an honor to share my reflections and creative contents on this platform and the Instagram page. I hope to have multiple visits back to South Korea soon. 

감사합니다 - Hunter