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Hunter L.

Just snippets of my experiences Seoul, South Korea
Hometown: Sacramento, California

Hunter is a third year computer science major student at Occidental College. Outside of his studies, he competes with the college golf team, works for the athletic department communications group, and travels during his free time. The purpose of his study abroad experience is to gain knowledge of South Korea's efforts in mitigating COVID-19. He will use this as inspiration for his graduation comprehensive project back home to pitch the idea of an optimal technological system that helps prevent COVID-19 to spread. However, the proposal must face opposition from America's privacy culture. 


Thank You CIEE Seoul: Exchange Recap & Thoughts

By Hunter L.

My experience exceeded my study abroad dreams. I made new friendships and networks that I thought would never be made before coming. Moreover, my engagement with CIEE, Yonsei, and other... keep reading

North Korea and Studying Abroad: Works from My Yonsei Journalism Class

By Hunter L.

In two weeks, my project group produced two news broadcasting videos for our introductory journalism class. At the beginning of planning, we decided to work on North Korea's current tensions... keep reading

Life as a Foreign Exchange Student Update 12/02/22

By Hunter L.

Academics: Only 3 school days left before reading and final exam weeks begin. I have been attending and keeping up with all of my classes due to my home school's... keep reading

A Fun Midterm at a Takkyeon Tournament in South Korea

By Hunter L.

I spent a day at a Taekkyeon event to learn more about its tradition. I attend a Taekkyeon class in Yonsei for 1 unit credit. The two hour class is... keep reading

Leaving Right Before The Itaewon Incident

By Hunter L.

Disappointment and sadness ran through my mind from experiencing the Itaewon tragedy taking away more than 150 lifes. After hearing the news, friends, classmates, and I were grieving and reflecting... keep reading

‘Understanding K-pop’ is Easy, Making a K-pop Music Video is Not

By Hunter L.

[VIDEO::] The music video group project challenged my creativity, communication, and patience. From story writing, to filming, to editing, to dance practicing, to acting, the final product required devotion and... keep reading

Life as a Foreign Exchange Student Update 10/4/22 & Home School Instagram Takeover

By Hunter L.

On-campus Involvement: Being a foreign exchange student without having sufficient Korean, I am not involved in student life on campus. I experienced and learned the language barrier was more than... keep reading

Kimchi In Grilled Cheese? Yes, Please.

By Hunter L.

I gained a better appreciation of Korean cuisine at the Hansik Learning Center, a Korean food promotional hall. The class was immersive and engaging. The master chef taught me how... keep reading

Is Yonsei Pretty Big?

By Hunter L.

Coming to Yonsei was like jumping from a small pond into a large lake. The environment was totally different. Yonsei has around 19,000 undergraduate students. For those who will attend... keep reading

A High School K-Drama Dream at Everland & Seoulmate Activity at Lotte World

By Hunter L.

Never experienced an amusement park in Korea? Lotte World and Everland are the two most popular parks attracting families… and young adults. Especially in Lotte World, you will see young... keep reading

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