Kimchi In Grilled Cheese? Yes, Please.

Authored by:
Hunter L.

Hunter L.

    I gained a better appreciation of Korean cuisine at the Hansik Learning Center, a Korean food promotional hall. The class was immersive and engaging. The master chef taught me how Korean ingredients can be used in Western dishes. The fusion resulted in tastes that compliment each other. 

    The final product was to make a kimchi grilled cheese. After the master chef showed how to make the sandwich, I was tested to copy the dish. My love for food and cooking grew because the activity was hands-on. The other students and the facility staff made a warm, welcoming environment in the kitchen. We all enjoyed the entire time. 

    My appreciation in Korean cuisine grew with the addition of walking through the promotional hall. I found Korea has a strong will to show their food customs to the world. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Korean Food Promotion Institute have a large space that has exhibits displaying the histories and concepts of Korean food. The organizations plan to host more cultural food events for foreigners in the future.

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