Taemin RE : ACT Fanmeeting

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Caroline R.

I was randomly scrolling Instagram about two weeks ago and also happened to be listening to Taemin's "Idea." I was scrolling down and saw an announcement that Taemin was having a fanmeeting as he returned from the military! I was ecstatic, as I have wanted to see Taemin in concert for soooooo long. But I thought it was too late as I found the announcement on Sunday and the fanmeeting was on the following Saturday. However, I went and checked, and there were still tickets left! So, my friend and I got tickets! The ticket process was very easy as I wasn't in the presale period trying to secure a ticket simultaneously with SHINee WORLD-ACE membership holders. I followed the link to the ticketing website via Instagram. As I said, the presale time had ended by the time I found out the event was happening, so I was able to go in and browse the remaining tickets left in the general sale.

The venue was absolutely stunning. It took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the venue via bus, as it was on another campus across Seoul. The venue was The Grand Peace Palace at Kyung Hee University. The meeting was incredible. I've always known that Taemin was incredibly talented, but wow in person, you really get to experience and see all of the talents Taemin possesses. The meeting opened with performances, continued with some games, audience interactions, and more performances and songs, then closed with a song. Taemin's raw vocals are incredible and so gorgeous. Even if you don't know Korean, you can appreciate the sheer talent and personability Taemin has.  I strongly considered buying another ticket for the fanmeeting the next day, but I didn't. If you ever have a chance to see Taemin live, I HIGHLY recommend you do so!!!

Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take videos or pictures of Taemin during the meeting, so I don't have any to include in this post. But, we did receive two exclusive photo cards, a film strip of some pictures, an event guidebook, and a sign to hold up for Taemin during a specific time of the meeting. I also bought a RE : ACT T-shirt (so simply pretty and such good quality). Some other things you could buy included the SHINee lightstick, RE: ACT badges to put on a bag or backpack, and a few other things that have slipped my mind, sorry! Anyway, this was SO worth it!


Talk Soon, 

Caroline :)