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Caroline R.

Arts + Sciences
Hometown: Mount Pleasant, Iowa

My name is Caroline, and I am a third year at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. I grew up very intrigued with how the world works and how we can function simultaneously with people who live on the opposite side of the globe. So, I decided to major in International Studies with a concentration in History. At my university in Minnesota, the degree compromises political science, economics, history, and language - so it is incredibly interesting! To enhance my degree and accomplish a personal goal of mine, I decided to travel abroad this spring. I am currently studying at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, and I am having the best time of my life!!

I am from a small town in Iowa, so coming to an immense city like Seoul was a big change in sights and surroundings as well as a change in my everyday life. Though my life is very different compared to just a few months ago, I absolutely love my new home away from home. 

I hope my posts can offer some tips and insight on my journey in Seoul and can help you make the decision to come here too! :)


Seoul Festa 2023

By Caroline R.

Hi! My friends and I recently got tickets for and went to Seoul Metropolitan Government Seoul Festa 2023 Opening Ceremony Concert! It was so fun and exciting. Essentially Seoul Festa... keep reading

Phone, Money, and SIM Card

By Caroline R.

Hey! I just wanted to provide some info about what I chose to do regarding my phone and getting a Korean number/data plan, as well as money, what I budgeted... keep reading

How To: KTX (Korea's Bullet Train)

By Caroline R.

Heyo! I just recently took a KTX train for the first time and thought I would share my experience. I decided to take a trip to Busan for the weekend... keep reading

How To: Bus & Subway (Public Transportation)

By Caroline R.

Hiii! I am from a city that has its own public transportation, so I was used to taking public transportation and getting on and off buses. However, I don't rely... keep reading

Getting My Hair Done

By Caroline R.

Hellooooo! I recently got my hair done in Seoul, and I thought that others should know how I did so and where I went! I had done my hair before... keep reading

TXT 2023 World Tour - ACT: SWEET MIRAGE in Seoul

By Caroline R.

I had the opportunity to do the number one thing that I wanted to do on my South Korea list! I got to see TXT in concert. I had tried... keep reading

Taemin RE : ACT Fanmeeting

By Caroline R.

I was randomly scrolling Instagram about two weeks ago and also happened to be listening to Taemin's "Idea." I was scrolling down and saw an announcement that Taemin was having... keep reading

National Health Insurance: Advice and Tips

By Caroline R.

Hello! I just had to pay my Health Insurance bill today, and I had many issues and questions about it, so I thought I'd share my experience as well as... keep reading

How I Navigated a Family Emergency

By Caroline R.

This month has been quite challenging, and it's only halfway through. One morning, I got a phone call from my family that said something had happened to one of my... keep reading

Bye Bye Cherry Blossoms :(

By Caroline R.

With Cherry Blossom season coming to a close in Seoul, I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures. I went around Sinchon and Hongdae during the week the blossoms... keep reading

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