A Sunday in Seoul

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Summer Korean Studies

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Katharine B.

This Sunday, my friends and I went to Namdaemun to visit a museum and a market! I took a lot of pictures, so I'll include them in the photo gallery!

Seoul is full of artsy things which is one thing that I love about this city! This museum was not too hard to get to from campus after a bus ride and a quick walk. Another nice thing about this museum is that it is completely free. Inside, there were multiple rooms with contemporary art installations using glass, screens, music, paint, and more to create an interesting multi-media experience. There was also a room focused entirely on art made by women that discussed intersectionality, feminism, and more which I thought was really cool. 

After walking through the museum, we walked down a gorgeous, quiet walkway towards Namdaemun market. There, we saw a guy playing the violin and it was so beautiful that we had to stop and listen. It was such a peaceful, nice moment amidst the excitement/chaos of Seoul. 

After making it to the market, we walked around looking at all the different stalls. There were many food stalls selling all sorts of food, but also stalls with clothes, souvenirs, socks, and more! We eventually stopped in at a stall to get cold noodles and handcut noodles. The ladies working also gave us a rice dish and I tried barely tea for the first time (refreshing and sweet!). After buying small gifts for our friends, we ended the trip with brown sugar hotteok that was 10/10 delicious!

A successful Sunday, I'd say!