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Katharine B.

Summer Korean Studies Seoul, South Korea



By Katharine B.

Visiting the DMZ has been on my bucket list since before coming to South Korea, so I was super excited to check this off! Anyways, we started the day at... keep reading

A Weekend in Busan

By Katharine B.

Last weekend, a friend and I took a trip to Busan, so I figured I'd write about that here! Busan is a very popular spot for tourism, so it had... keep reading

A Sunday in Seoul

By Katharine B.

This Sunday, my friends and I went to Namdaemun to visit a museum and a market! I took a lot of pictures, so I'll include them in the photo gallery... keep reading

4 Steps for Dealing with Change While Studying Abroad

By Katharine B.

Like many people, I always get nervous before a big change in my life. Whether I'm looking forward to the upcoming event or dreading it, I always feel some amount... keep reading

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