Studying Abroad and Sustainability in Action

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Vanessa Correa

Vanessa Correa

Why you should study Sustainability and the Environment at the CIEE Global Institute in Monteverde? 

Studying abroad may be one of the most beneficial experiences for a college student, not just to gain knowledge but also for personal and professional growth.   

One of our students meeting new friends.

The CIEE campus in San Luis, Monteverde, has an extension of 63 hectares (about 155 acres) of which 60% are destined to conservation and about 30% is in agricultural use. 

Aerial view of the CIEE Campus at San Luis Monteverde

Our integrated farm plays an essential role in terms of food security and climate-smart agriculture. This means the farm produces not just food for us to eat but also biogas through a biodigester, which allows us to reduce our greenhouse gases and carbon footprint while we cooked fresh vegetables from the farm! 

 Diagram of the integrated farm system at the CIEE Campus at San Luis Monteverde

Being part of this amazing system developed by people who care about nature, the environment, and the future, would give you tools - in a realistic and integrated way- to make conscious decisions that can have a global impact and would help you respond to new environmental and social challenges.

Smart agriculture in action

So, think about it. Would you like you to join us on this journey?

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