Study Abroad Spring - Gastronomy in focus!

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Language + Culture

Authored By:

Isabelle Jaffe

Spring Study Abroad program is halfway and a lot has happened since the students landed at Blagnac airport! Our Language and Culture and Business and Culture programs have kept our students quite busy studying at Toulouse Business School and Institut Catholique de Toulouse, on top of the CIEE-designed courses they have been following.

Once they are done with their daily classes, CIEE makes sure they get some further exposure to French culture by setting up activities in which they will find out about big C and small C aspects of the society: museums and main historical sites on the one hand; traditional and community life on the other hand.

Once a month, this Blog will focus on one aspect of our programs among the following: academics, faculty, host families, one-day trips, overnight excursions, students’ intercultural observations…

This month, we have decided to focus on the most popular activities we have set up so far for students: somehow, they are always related to food, whether it is tasting or making or both!