Stave off the Post-Holiday Blues with J-term in Dublin!

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College Study Abroad

Want an exciting way to fill the otherwise unexciting month of January? Why not experience the craic that Ireland is famous for while earning three credits?

Forget about leprechauns and four-leaf clovers. Spend three-weeks in Dublin this January getting a taste of the real Ireland! CIEE’s Irish Culture, Society, and Identity program will increase your understanding of this complex little island and explore how Ireland’s sometimes tragic history influences modern Ireland’s political, social, and cultural landscape.

Through a combination of in-class lectures, visits to historical sites, and a trip over the border to Northern Ireland, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be Irish in the 21st century, why Irish identities are often conflicted, and the historical movements that have shaped the island and its people.

“With Ireland facing the unprecedented challenge of Brexit and the reemergence of a border dividing the island, J-term students will not only be immersed in the content of this fascinating course but will see immediate relevance in the context surrounding them,” said CIEE Dublin Director, Enda O’Connell.

Field trips to the former seat of British rule, Dublin Castle, sites of national prominence such as Kilmainham Jail, churches dating back thousands of years, and post- conflict Belfast in Northern Ireland, will leave you with authentic insight into Ireland’s past.

Regardless of your academic background, Irish Culture, Society, and Identity will reshape your understanding of Irishness and deepen your insight into how cultural identity changes over time. Fáilte!

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