Spend Your Winter Break Abroad in Berlin!

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College Study Abroad

College Study Abroad

Are you interested in exploring one of the most pivotal moments in history?

This J-term come to the dynamic city of Berlin and examine the world-changing history in our Holocaust Studies course. This three-week, three-credit program consists of a balanced mix of lectures, discussions, and theoretical approaches so you can expand your understanding of the Holocaust, world history, and the modern-day relevance of this momentous era. This in-depth study will challenge you to critically examine history and current day issues and provide you with a unique experience that will stay with you forever.

You’ll go on moving and powerful field trips and excursions that bring history to life, including a site-visit to a former concentration camp that will deepen your understanding of humanity. You’ll also take a weekend trip to the magical city of Dresden to see another side of Germany’s beauty.

J-term in Berlin promises more than academics though. While you’re here, you’ll be immersed in Berlin’s culture and its people. Whether it’s experiencing interactive street art workshops at the East Side Gallery, enjoying a chocolate extravaganza in one of Berlin’s numerous cafés, or visiting some of Berlin’s most famous sites and monuments, you’ll come away with a true understanding of what makes Berlin such an electrifying city.

“Berlin is a deeply fascinating city that is full of puzzling juxtapositions that challenge modern day views of normalcy, while still being deeply rooted in every era of history,” said CIEE Global Institute – Berlin Director, Martin Kley.

During your journey through history in Berlin’s Holocaust Studies program, you’ll collect many powerful, meaningful, and interesting experiences. Come join us this J-term!

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