So, they told you to do whatever you want

Authored by:
Ilse H.

Ilse H.

A possibly helpful guide to not getting lost in the candy shop

As someone who didn’t know anyone else coming on the program, leaving quarantine was scary. Once I left, my eyes were attacked by options stacked upon options of things to do (literally). I was honestly more confused than I could have thought possible by buildings that housed multiple types of cafés and shops. It was like being in a grocery store that carries every single one of your favorite things.

Suffice it to say, I had decision paralysis. To save you from my fate, I will offer you some fun and diverse things to do when you arrive in Seoul and are tired of, “I’m fine with whatever. How about you?” These activities range from group activities to solo excursions, and I have a bit of everything (even for the people who like hiking, eee).