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Ilse H.

Arts + Sciences Seoul, South Korea
Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Ilse Hill is a senior at Mount Holyoke College double majoring in Architecture and French. In CIEE, she is studying at Yonsei University as an Underwood International College Scholar focusing on Korean and French Language. She decided to write as a way to document the little adventures in Seoul, South Korea and offer helpful tips to future students pursuing education in Korea.


So, Time's Up!

By Ilse H.

Reminiscing about how my time in Korea went from different to “Ah, this is hard” to “Wow, time passed so quickly, why is there never enough?” I feel like I... keep reading

So, Busan (First Trip and Extras)

By Ilse H.

My best photos and first trip memories from Busan in a nutshell. In order to not be boring, I won't gush about my first trip to Busan, but will let... keep reading

So, photo spots (Second Edition)

By Ilse H.

The second edition of my short series on amazing photo spots in Korea (that I have been to so far). If you're coming to Korea or interested in Korea, I'm... keep reading

So, you want the photo spots

By Ilse H.

Just like Arby’s has the meat, I have the spots you’ve been looking for all over Seoul and beyond As my roommate can attest, I have traveled to many different... keep reading

So, I'm obsessed with Busan (Trip Two)

By Ilse H.

My love letter to and photo diary of my second trip to Busan and some of the reasons why I love Busan. Check back for my first trip photo diary... keep reading

So, they told you to do whatever you want

By Ilse H.

A possibly helpful guide to not getting lost in the candy shop As someone who didn’t know anyone else coming on the program, leaving quarantine was scary. Once I left... keep reading

Rooftop Dinner with Dr. X: Storytime

By Ilse H.

An amusing story time about new friends and Doctors ordering chicken at midnight Some of the things that people expect when traveling to Korea are funny stories, so here is... keep reading

So, They Asked You to Quarantine

By Ilse H.

Fear not, from airport to the final covid test, writer Ilse is here to tell you what to expect. This is an intensely linear guide from day one to FREEDOM... keep reading

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