So, I'm obsessed with Busan (Trip Two)

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Ilse H.

Ilse H.

My love letter to and photo diary of my second trip to Busan and some of the reasons why I love Busan.

Check back for my first trip photo diary and more photos of my second trip.

Yongungsa Temple was exactly like the pictures, but better. I feel like sometimes you search for a tourist site or beautiful attraction, and you go there, but the real location has less luster than the photos. Yongungsa did not have this problem. I was overwhelmed by how beautiful the temple and nearby crystal-clear water were. I would go back to this site multiple times if I lived near Busan to sit and enjoy the natural elegance and watercolor-worthy architecture.

The Busan Air Cruise/ Cable cars are AMAZING. I was a bit intimidated by the see-through floor and glassless window (that I nearly dropped my phone out of), but the view of the ocean was worth my trepidation. I loved everything about the Air Cruise and also enjoyed the photo spots on the other side of the cruise.

This picture was taken in an awning on the other side of the air cruise.

Who doesn’t want to play Dreamworks boy and lay on a crescent moon?

As mentioned in one of my previous articles, Gamcheon Village is one of my favorite places in Korea. The spot photographed is next to The Home which is a jewelry shop that touts a Harry Potter aesthetic and gush-worthy earrings. I personally couldn’t resist making a purchase. I was disappointed when one of my earrings broke, but when I returned to The Home upon my second visit, the kind shop keeper completely replaced my earrings and gave my friends discounts on their purchases. I now wear the earrings (an asymmetrical pink and blue set) at every opportunity without any issues and would highly recommend!

Believe me, you should definitely visit these spots. Also, I have a slight fear of the ocean/beaches in Busan as they feel like the horizon doesn't exist and you could just walk to the end of the world and fall off. I'd love to know if other people have this feeling in Busan. 

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