Rooftop Dinner with Dr. X: Storytime

Authored by:
Ilse H.

Ilse H.

An amusing story time about new friends and Doctors ordering chicken at midnight

Some of the things that people expect when traveling to Korea are funny stories, so here is one that was random and fun… So, while in Busan towards the end of the summer season, my sister realized she had a minor health issue. She found a doctor who could help in Seoul, and I assumed that would be where things ended. However, flashforward a week later, after our trip to Jeju and my sister tells me that her Doctor (let’s call him Dr. X) asked her to go to dinner with him and his assistant. That seemed a bit random to me, but I figured I would go along with it.

I arrived there assuming we were going to a restaurant to which he said we would be going to his restaurant which was on the rooftop of the practice. He invited another patient of his, who I will call Colin and Colin’s girlfriend Ji-Seong and they came bearing makgeolli and snacks. Thus, the rooftop party began.