Semester in Shanghai: Week 3

Authored By:

Megan L.

This week I was able to celebrate my birthday in Shanghai where my friends took me out to eat at a small restaurant in Global Harbor, the mall near campus. Then on Friday we had our first cultural excursion to Xitang, a water town near Shanghai. It is crossed by nine rivers in the county of Jiashan and is home to gorgeous gardens and tons of souvenir shops. After touring a few local museums, we had free time to venture around the town by ourselves. My group took a river cruise, did a fish pedicure, ate chickens’ feet, and did some shopping. My favorite part of the day had to be the fish pedicure, which was like nothing I have ever experienced before. The chicken feet on the other hand, would not be my first choice in a dinner. To watch my Semester in Shanghai: Week 3 vlog click the link below.