Semester in Shanghai: Week 2

Authored By:

Megan L.

This week was the first week of classes, and so far I am looking forward to my Marketing course and Changing Nature of Business class the most. I am also enrolled in Conversational Chinese which is for students that have no background in the Chinese Language. Throughout high school and college I studied Spanish, so I am interested to see how well I will make the transition to Chinese throughout the semester. The language barrier has been difficult to navigate throughout the first two weeks, but thankfully I have a few translation apps that have come in extremely handy. At the end of week 2, I had my first class trip to the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum which had a miniature replica of the entire city. It was astonishing to see how large Shanghai is and how many buildings there are spread throughout. We ended the week by doing some shopping and going to Shanghai Disney. Many reviews that I read about the park claimed that the lines would be extremely long, but we got on most attractions within 30 minutes, faster than any other Disney park I have visited. I definitely recommend taking a trip to Shanghai Disney and keeping an eye out for my favorite ride, the Tron rollercoaster. To watch my Semester in Shanghai: Week 2 vlog click the link below.