Reminiscing on Berlin

Authored by:
Brenda G.

Now that I have been away from Berlin for a couple of weeks, I feel a slight feeling of sadness from not being in the city anymore. Upon leaving, I have been able to reflect on what my experience has been while interning abroad. As my job at UCLA is centered around using social media platforms, I am now excited to implement what I have learned during my internship. Aside  from learning about how I have developed personally in the sense that I am more familiar with things I like and dislike, how to quickly adapt to new environments while being away from home, and how to deal with different personalities I continue to reflect on the valuable skills I now carry with me for my future career. I learned of different platforms that make social media posting easier and more helpful, how to write properly artist grants, and work on various projects simultaneously. Upon returning to school this Fall, I am excited to implement these new skills as I become more involved in clubs and my on-campus jobs. I am excited to see the way that my new skills increase traffic and awareness of the platforms I am managing. As far as the people I met in the program, I continue to keep in touch as we have created strong bonds that allow us to continue conversations in our group chat. Additionally, I look forward to hanging out with my new friend, Eduardo, a fellow Bruin who also lives in Los Angeles. Although I can not see where exactly my new skills are allowing me to head to, I am certain that these will be seen in my work as I continue to pursue my career. Time in Berlin flew by, I can’t wait to be back and continue exploring and enjoying what the city has to offer! 


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