Quarantining in Seoul!

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Anthony T.

After sitting on a Korean Air plane for almost 14 hours, my flight from New York City to South Korea finally came to an end! It was time to officially move into my dorm at Yonsei Unviersity, SK Global House.

Prior to the trip, I became friends with some of the other CIEE students in my program. We decided to meet at the airport so that we could split a taxi ride together. I highly recommend this, since taxis from Incheon Airport charge a flat rate, depending on what region you are going to!

Once I arrived at SK Global, I was checked into my room and this was the beginning of my 7-day quarantine. I prepared myself by bringing along my gaming laptop, as well as some American snacks to eat. Overall, the quarantine was not too bad. CIEE hosted some orientation events for us to attend via Zoom, so that kept me busy for most days. Some events included an online music concert, registration orientation, and culture tips on navigating Seoul.

In regards to food, I had to order delivery every day and it was brought directly to my dorm room once it arrived! Unlike UberEats in America, food in Seoul is more on the cheaper side. There were some cases where I ordered from restaurants outside of the school, so I had to pay a small delivery fee, but overall the cost of food here is significantly cheaper than America. I was surprised that a meal here would cost under $10 USD!

Quarantine went by really fast! Just when I was starting to get tired of it, it had already ended and it was time to explore South Korea!