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K-Pop Festivals @ Korean Universities

By Anthony T.

May and June are, in my opinion, the best months in spring semester. Why? Because it's the end of the semester! Many Korean universities in Seoul celebrate the hard work... keep reading

Nature in Jeju

By Anthony T.

This past week, I booked a flight to Jeju Island with some fellow CIEE friends and non-CIEE people. We left Seoul on Thursday night and stayed in Jeju until the... keep reading

N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower)

By Anthony T.

This week, I visited N Seoul Tower, also known as Namsan Tower. It is the second highest point in Seoul and you can see the whole city at night. The... keep reading

Making Rice Cakes!

By Anthony T.

This weekend, I went to a rice cake making class near Insadong! Rice cakes are a Korean staple. They can be sweet or savory, depending on how you make them... keep reading

Insadong Cafe

By Anthony T.

Today, I went to a cute cafe in Insadong! It was hidden in a little maze alley that I came across with my friend, and it served egg tarts and... keep reading

Getting a Haircut in Seoul!

By Anthony T.

Before coming to Seoul in February, I made sure to get a haircut from my favorite barber back home. This week, I finally decided to get my first trim in... keep reading

Wearing Hanboks @ Gyeongbok Palace

By Anthony T.

This week, CIEE took me to visit Gyeongbok Palace. This event was in partnership with YECCO, which is short for Youth Exchanging Culture Communicators' Organization. YECCO is a non-profit that... keep reading

Quarantining in Seoul!

By Anthony T.

After sitting on a Korean Air plane for almost 14 hours, my flight from New York City to South Korea finally came to an end! It was time to officially... keep reading

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