K-Pop Festivals @ Korean Universities

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Anthony T.

Anthony T.

May and June are, in my opinion, the best months in spring semester. Why? Because it's the end of the semester! Many Korean universities in Seoul celebrate the hard work of their students by hosting music festivals on their campuses. Schools invite major names in the music entertainment industry to come to their campus and perform for students. Additionally, many student groups on campus perform at such festivals, before the main headliner comes on. 

This week, I attended 3 different university festivals -- 2 of them were at Hanyang University and 1 of them was at Korea University (Yonsei's festival got pushed back to the fall, due to COVID). At Korea University, BIBI performed. At Hanyang, PSY, ZICO, and aespa made an appearance. These concerts attracted a ton of people from all across Seoul. The best part was that they were FREE! Many people came super early to these campuses to secure a good spot to view their favorite artists. If you came too late, you probably couldn't even see the stage! 

These schools even hosted pochas under tents, where students can drink and eat before watching the shows.

Overall, my experience at these festivals was great! They are a great way for students to show school spirit, and as well as a great break from school with friends! The feeling of attending a concert again after a while (due to COVID) was so refreshing. This should definitely be one of the things on your bucket list if you come to Seoul in the spring/summer. 

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