Nature in Jeju

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Anthony T.

Anthony T.

This past week, I booked a flight to Jeju Island with some fellow CIEE friends and non-CIEE people. We left Seoul on Thursday night and stayed in Jeju until the following Tuesday. For our housing accomodation, we stayed at a hotel we found on Airbnb located in Seogwipo, which is on the southern side of the island. The northern side of the island is Jeju City. We chose to stay in Seogwipo, since there are many waterfalls and beaches nearby. 

During our trip, our non-CIEE friend was able to rent a car. I highly recommend this, since public transit on the island may take a while to arrive, since the island is big. Time is money! With the car, our group was able to visit other parts of the island, other than Seogwipo, which was a huge plus, since we were able to explore more despite our short time at the island. 

Jeju is filled with nature! The air is much fresher than what you have in Seoul. There are flowers and trees everywhere and the views are incredible! Some places I recommend are: Camellia Hill, the Innisfree Cafe, and 한라산 (if you enjoy hiking!)

I wish I stayed longer, but due to classes, I had to book a short trip. I recommend coming to Jeju around spring/summer, because the weather is so warm and the waters are pretty!

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