Put J-term to Work Exploring the Progressive Public Health of the Netherlands

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Ever wondered why and how a policy like euthanasia can be implemented? During the three-week, three-credit Public Health in the Netherlands program, you’ll get the chance to examine broadly debated subjects on healthcare and challenge stereotypes of public health issues involving the homeless, drug addicts, elderly, and more.

Classes are taught in English and include guest lectures from professionals in the field as well as guided site visits to local organizations. You’ll gain insight on culturally sensitive issues such as euthanasia, public insurance, and home birth, and global issues such as elderly care, drugs (ab)use, psychiatry, and children’s health.

You’ll also get the once-in-a-lifetime experience of living and learning in Amsterdam while discovering the current role of race and divergent healthcare. You’ll even visit The Hague!

“I recommend this course to every student who wants to take a deep dive into public health and gain a more in depth understanding of common policies and practices regarding the Dutch approach,” said CIEE Amsterdam Interim Director, Ruth Südholter

No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without the chance to immerse yourself in all things Dutch – like visiting the acclaimed Van Gogh Museum, eating fresh stroopwafel from a market, and taking a boat tour through the famous canals during the Light Festival! Plus, you can use your weekends to explore more of the Netherlands or even Europe!

Whatever your academic focus, Public Health in the Netherlands will help broaden your perspective of public health issues and give you the skills to understand and bridge cultures and approaches; ultimately putting stereotypes in perspective.

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