Popular STEM Courses at CIEE Legon at University of Ghana

Authored by:
Kwasi Gyasi-Gyamerah

Kwasi Gyasi-Gyamerah

At CIEE Legon, our participants directly enrol and study in one of Africa and the World’s most prestigious institution of Higher Learning University of Ghana. A University with a very diverse faculty from 22 countries apart from Ghanaian professors and an even more diverse student body representing 87 countries apart from Ghanaian students.

Our students take courses at a University with arguably the widest range of course offerings in Africa and the world.  You can take courses in African Studies, Arts and Humanities, Sciences and Agricultural Science, Pubic Health, Engineering, Mathematics and Business. Below are some of the popular STEM courses our students have taken since Fall 2018. 

  • Sciences
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Conservation and Environmental Studies
  • Quantum Chemistry
  • Public Health Zoology
  • Epidemiology and Tropical Diseases
  • Technology
  • Web Technologies and Development
  • Object-oriented Analysis and Design
  • Computer System Security
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Programming : Java
  • Engineering
  • Fundamentals of Material Science and Engineering
  • Composite Design and Fabrication
  • Material Analysis and Techniques
  • Control System Analysis and Design
  • Mathematics
  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus

Go to http://ipo.ug.edu.gh/academics/student-handbooks to get a detailed description of these STEM courses that have been popular with CIEE Legon participants over the past one academic year.  You could also be taking some STEM courses with us

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