Photobooth culture: Memories worth a thousand words

Authored by:
Sharon J.

Sharon J.

As you might find a convenience store on every block, you might be able to say almost the same for photo booths, each equipped with a selection of photo styles and props to liven up the picture. Its convenience and accessibility allows for memories to be captured any time you may be out and about with your friends! With new friends of mine, going into a photo booth shop was one of the first things I tried when I arrived in Korea. 

I didn’t think these animal headbands or decorative hats were really my style — I was wrong. They quickly grew on me and it became one of my favorite things to stop by while hanging with friends, especially if we were in a new area, and wanted to capture memories there. Though pictures on your phone are priceless, nothing quite beats having physical copies of photos with friends, and each photo soon decorated the walls of my dorm. 

For a cheap price, I recommend taking advantage of the unique photo frames and props, and make the most of capturing your time here by taking it home with you!

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