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Sharon J.

Arts + Sciences Seoul, South Korea
Hometown: USA


What I Wish I Knew Before I Went Abroad

By Sharon J.

I went abroad in the spring semester of my junior year, and I went in without knowing much of what to expect. So for future and prospective students going abroad... keep reading

Things to do / Recommendations for Future Students

By Sharon J.

As the semester wraps up, I wanted to share a list for future CIEE students and those visiting Korea. This is a very vague and broad list, but a great... keep reading

10 Lessons I Learned While Abroad

By Sharon J.

​You can’t push things off to do later. ​If you want to do something, schedule it. Time flies and you won’t have all semester to try an activity or go... keep reading

Traditional Games and Culture Exchange

By Sharon J.

CIEE hosts many events throughout the semester, and I am grateful to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed each one I have attended — from cooking classes to archery cafes... keep reading

Photobooth culture: Memories worth a thousand words

By Sharon J.

As you might find a convenience store on every block, you might be able to say almost the same for photo booths, each equipped with a selection of photo styles... keep reading

So you want to learn and improve Korean? Here’s how.

By Sharon J.

One of the biggest questions people ask when preparing to study abroad in Korea is: how difficult will it be to get around without knowing any Korean? How much English... keep reading

A short but meaningful encounter at Gwangjang Market 광장시장

By Sharon J.

You might have seen it on Runningman, or The Amazing Race Australia, or on Netflix, but nothing beats the real-life experience of visiting Gwangjang Market (광장시장). It is a traditional... keep reading

A trip to Gyeongju 경주, the capital of Silla

By Sharon J.

In early February, I took a 2 and a half hour KTX train ride from Seoul to Gyeongju, in Gyeongsangbuk-do which is towards the southeastern area of Korea. Gyeongju was... keep reading

Why Seoul? From a Korean American

By Sharon J.

As I slip on my heavy padded coat and head outside wearing a KF-94 mask, I am just simply, a typical person here. I do not have to tuck away... keep reading

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