The One with the Roommates

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Christine B.

Christine B.

In my flat, I share my living space with three other girls. Of the four of us, two of them have their own rooms and I share my room with one other person. The reason my roommate and I are sharing a room is because we were the last two to show up for our internship and the other two are here/were here longer than my roommate and I. 

Emily got here first and she lived by herself for two weeks before Gigi showed up. They share the flat space with each other for a week before I came and the three of us shared the flat all of one day before Grace showed up.

Emily - is a 22 year old born and raised girl from Ohio who is going into her last at the University of Cincinnati whos internship placement is at Drifter Brewing Company in Cape Town. She is here for 12 weeks

Gigi - is 19 years old who grew up in Chicago and is about to enter into her third year at Denison University in Ohio. For her internship placement, she is working as a reception is at marketing firm. She is here for 10 weeks. Gigi is the obvious youngest of our group and it can some

Grace - a 21 born and bred Australian who’s will be going into her senior year of college at The Swinburne University of Technology. after this next upcoming semester. She is here shy of 8 weeks and is working for an NGO called ‘Just Grace’ and trust me, the irony of the name does not escape her. 
All of my roommates are loud. Each one after the next thinking the next best way to communicate with one another is via screaming match with each trying to outdo the other to see who can get their point across the loudest. I contribute at times but out of the four of us, I am the most quiet and reserved. I love my flatmates but we are definitely an eclectic group of girls living in one space for two months. 

The first of us to leave will be Grace who would have spent the least amount of time here in Cape Town. The next is Emily, who would of been here longest out of us by the time our internships end. I’m next by pretty much the next day and Gigi will be on her own for a week before she takes off. But I’m sure by that time she will enjoy the silence and be content on her own for a bit. If she does get lonely, she has absolutely no problem making new friends and can do that to help keep her company until she leaves. 

It was an interesting sharing the apartment space with this group of girls but in all honesty, I’m glad that I got to share time and experiences with them because no matter how loud or obnoxious they were, they were also extremely outgoing, kept me on my toes, and dragged me out of bed and do things that I wouldn’t have done if it weren’t for them. Grace made sure that I had activities planned so that I wouldn’t be wasting my time in my room watching T.V. all day, Emily made sure that I was trying new restaurants and doing group activities so that we could get the best experience while in Cape Town and Gigi  made sure that I was trying new things and not staying in my comfort zone the entire time because while doing and keeping some routine the same as they are back home, it can make for a boring, unexciting, and uneventful time.

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