Nelly Wandji Gallery

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Darnell S.

Darnell S.

“By combining creativity, modernity, ancient and contemporary, we reinvent African traditions with refinement and authenticity.” –Nelly Wandji

This gallery is about a 15-minute walk from the Little Africa headquarters in the 8e arrondisement. So far for a year, this gallery has been here to display various kinds of African art, fashion, culture and literature. Absolutely everything in the store is made in Africa. Everything including the owner. Nelly Wandji, the owner and manager, is from Africa and has been living in France for 15 years. While speaking with her, she told me that the mission for her gallery is to collaborate with artists who specialize in the creation and promotion of African art. She hosts artist to tell their story through their creations while promoting a new African aesthetic midway between art, craftsmanship and sustainable luxury. I was in love with her store and the pieces inside, especially becuase many of her peices reminded me of my mother. Nelly was such a sweet and humbled soul. Her pieces were absolutely authentic and she even had Little Africa merchandise in the store! She allowed me to shop her store while providing little information about each piece. The mood inside in her galley is smooth and warm. As I shopped, I vibed to Jill Scott’s "He Loves Me" which immediately made me happy and comfortable. I walked out of her galley with a table décor book called “The African Catwalk”. Inside the book are different African fashion influences, shows and textiles. I am so appreciative to have met her and encourage anyone who appreicates culture, lifetstyle and fashion to visit Nelly and fall into lust with her gallery. 


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