Paris à la Mode

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Summer in Paris

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Darnell S.

“I always believed that style was more important than fashion. They are rare, those who imposed their style while fashion makers are so numerous.” 

The aforementioned quote was once said by the late and ever so glorious French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. I would certainly have to agree with such an icon. Paris has such an abundance of style and grace, which was one of the deciding factors for choosing to study abroad in this historical city. For many centuries, Paris has been known to be one of the fashion capitals in the world. The other fashion capitols would most noticeably include New York, Milan and New York. I have now been fortunate enough to have visited two of the four fashion capitols. I am currently conniving up a plan to be in London in the year of 2019. Regardless, while being in the city of Paris and having such an appreciation and passion for la mode, I can honestly express that I have never felt more inadequate when it comes to my style and fashion decisions. I know that may sound however it may but I mean it. Being a guy who was taught growing up that I should always look my best –or at the very least presentable- I just could not keep up with la Mode de Paris! I am from Alabama and in my neck of the woods, it just is not customary for gentlemen to put as much emphasis on what they wear. So, I have always needed to step outside of the box to show my individualism through my looks. In Paris, men’s fashion is a thing. A real thing and I was elated to have constant influences everyday. It is normal life in Europe for a man to have some type of style and definition in his oufit. And the same for women, of course. The cobblestone paved street that is Rue de Rivoli is a constant runway for the most elegant Parisians who appreciate and acknowledge what Louis XIV did for the French fashion. While in Paris, I took the opportunity to visit two very prestigious sanctuaries that are located in the 16e arrondisement: Palais Galleria and Musée Yves Saint Laurent. Both of these excursions were very necessary for my purpose of coming to Paris. Each of these were very different experiences but both very unforgettable.

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